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Here's a bit about us...

We are an Aussie couple with 4 kids and 2 dogs ( one red and one blue cattledog ! ), living in North Queensland Australia. 

We are proud of this great country and we are not going to sit back and let it go to the dogs ! ( the polies and the elites )

This stops when we say it stops, so let's stand together and get this country back on track. 

We are the MAJORITY.

We will be on the right side of history. 


Freedom Tees Australia is an Australian owned and operated business, using an Australian owned and operated printing company. 

Our shirts are printed in a creative warehouse in the heart of Brisbane that has the most advanced printing equipment in Australia, making it the best garment printer in the country. 

All garments sourced are certified to be socially & environmentally responsible, whether that is from the child labour free or W.R.A.P certification board. 


We hope you love our shirts and wear them "EVERYDAY".


Thankyou for your business and thankyou for standing up for our future generations. 


Please contact us on the email below with any questions. 



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